Cusimax CMIP-C180 1800W Infrared Cooktop

Cusimax CMIP-C180 1800W Infrared Cooktop


Product features

. Double burner 120V, 900 watt and 900 watt of power

. Adjustable thermostatic control

. Stainless steel housing, double crystallite glass plate

. Min to max heating position, power and temperature control knob

. Skid-resistant rubber feet, indicator light

. Can be used for pots and pans ranging to 7.1″+7.1″


It is handy and surely provides extra countertop cooking options. The high quality double crystallite glass plate and stainless steel housing fit the busy modern kitchen nowadays.

Extend your kitchen

Take it when you are far away from home. Cooking with this portable electric infrared cooktop, prepare a meal for yourself to healing homesick. Even though in office, it is powerful enough to finish a meal quickly and compact enough to entertain a group.

Safety use and care with Cusimax

Ensure safety please do not use unstable pan and submerge in water. When turn off, it still needs more than 15 minutes to cool down. You can put the hand over the surface about from 1” to 2” to feel whether there is any residual heat.

Reasonable care will ensure many years of service from your unit. Easy cleaning with a damp, soft cloth or sponge , but never use harsh abrasive or steel wool pads on any part of the burner as they may scratch the surface or damage the unit.


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